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Our acrylic popsicle sticks are perfect for making cakesicles, glitter pops, cookie pops, or any delicious homemade treat on a stick! At 4.5" in length, they are a sturdy option for any treats.

These solid, clear, glitter, mirror, and iridescent acrylic cakesicle sticks are traditional popsicle size and perfect to fit in conjunction with our cakesicle molds and line of Luxe Glitter for the perfect dessert!

They come in many colors including red, orange, yellow, green, lime green, teal, blue, royal blue, aqua, purple, light purple, deep pink, light pink, black, brown, white, ivory, gray, clear, gold glitter, silver glitter, gold mirror, silver mirror, rose gold mirror, and iridescent!

4.5" length x 1/2"

Can be used with our cakesicle molds

Pack of 12 cakesicle sticks

Most come with a protective film on both sides, remove before use.

Do not clean/wash with abrasive cleaners, these may cause scratching!

Smooth, easy to clean surface with gentle cleaners, and soft cloth.

Acrylic Sticks 12ct

Acrylic Color
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