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•Custom Script Mr. and Mrs. Sign. Wood cut out sign with underlined under the last name.  table decor centerpiece.

•Underline/Bar beneath last name + included small props/feet allow sign to free-stand as pictured.

Mr and Mrs will be placed on/in between the tallest letters of your last name, examples can be seen in the pics.

-12-15" wide sizes will be approx 4-7" tall
-18 inches wide will be approx 7-9" tall
-Sizes 21"- 24" will be approx 8-15" tall

*Final height will vary with longer or shorter last name.
*Heights may vary with longer/shorter last names. Height is also determined by whether or not you have any hanging letters in your name such as y,j,p,q, etc.

•Laser cut perfection, laser cut from acrlic or wood f 1/8" thick

Mr and Mrs Table Sign

Acrylic Color
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